power thinkers

Power Thinkers are empowered by problems.  They are “successed out” – not “stressed out” – by challenges.  They exercise positive reality thinking.

Power Thinkers say and think to themselves the following:

  • “I created these problems for myself”
  • “I made decisions that caused me to be where I am today. That’s why I’m facing the challenge”.
  • “So I have nobody to blame but myself”.
  • “That means that I’ll not be angry, or cynical, or suspicious.”
  • “I’ll assume responsibility for these problems.”
  • “I got myself into it – I can get myself out of it.”
  • “I still believe that every obstacle is an opportunity:
    • To learn.
    • To grow.
    • To be corrected or protected from making mistakes.
    • So all of this is good news!”
  • “So I’m not discouraged – I’m motivated by this new challenge.”
  • “I’m not depressed – I’m impressed.”

No wonder why leaders rise to the top on a rough road!

Yes, Power Thinkers believe that every problem has a solution somewhere that can match it.

Article source:  Robert Schuller “Achieve Your True Potential Through Power Thinking

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