The Paralysis of “I Don’t Know” — Pointless Overthinking

By Ellen Jayne | We’ve all been there: faced with a decision to make while feeling completely helpless, succumbed to the sheer solidity of not being able to forecast the future. The unwavering cycle of ‘to do, or not to do.’ We subconsciously permit the moment to overwhelm us and in the end paralyze us.Continua a leggere “The Paralysis of “I Don’t Know” — Pointless Overthinking”

We will never forget it

Non lo dimenticheremo mai Non dimenticheremo nei giorni difficili chi si è fatto prossimo nell’emergenza come nella festa Non dimenticheremo chi al governo nei giorni difficili ha salvato solo se stesso il suo posto e abbandonato la sua gente Non dimenticheremo nei giorni difficili come nei prosperi la forza dei piccoli umili semplici e nonContinua a leggere “We will never forget it”

Propaganda, freedom, Constitution

“…We don’t defeat our enemy by giving him a platform to spread the very propaganda they hope will defeat you… You can only have freedom and liberty when others want that for you. When the other side only uses freedom with the hopes of destroying it later once their in charge, it’s time to shutContinua a leggere “Propaganda, freedom, Constitution”

Hard times and men

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” ed. G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain   … e viceversa, tempi tranquilli creano uomini deboli, uomini deboli creano tempi difficili, tempi difficili creano uomini forti, uomini forti creano tempi tranquilli and vice versa,Continua a leggere “Hard times and men”