Content is King. Or is it? — The Art of Blogging

Is content king? To me, that seems like a silly question. “Content is king” is a metaphor, but apparently not a very good one. A good metaphor creates instant understanding. Given the amount of confusion and debate, the phrase “content is king” is not doing all that great a job in the instant-understanding department. IContinua a leggere “Content is King. Or is it? — The Art of Blogging”

They always say time changes things — Author Joanne Reed

Alongside Picasso, Andy Warhol is probably one of the most recognized of twentieth century artists. Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as a painter, avant-garde filmmaker, record producer, author, and public figure known for his membership in bohemian social circles. Warhol is perhaps best known for his role – a central figure – in… TheyContinua a leggere “They always say time changes things — Author Joanne Reed”

Franz Kafka — Astro Orientamenti

Da un certo punto in avanti non c’è più modo di tornare indietro E’ quello il punto al quale si deve arrivare Franz Kafka nacque a Praga, capitale della Repubblica Ceca, il 3 luglio del 1883. Morì a Kierling, – frazione della città austriaca di Klosterneuburg, in Bassa Austria – il […] Franz Kafka — AstroContinua a leggere “Franz Kafka — Astro Orientamenti”