Interview with mr. Ochuko PatricK Otoba

Intervista (in inglese) a mr. Ochuko PatricK Otoba.

by tania

Dear mr. Ochuko PatricK Otoba, thank you for the time allotted and accepting the interview. Some short questions to allow readers to familiarize themselves with the issues that led to the publication of an important testimony work.

How was the project born?

The project is a fiction work from the result of the present research on the girl child cross border trafficking in West Africa. viz a viz abject  poverty,injustice,sovereignty and indifferent of our present society. This circle of human trafficking is like the Moloch Lizard circle of  protection. spitting blood from its own eyes. The reality of traffickers,victims and accomplices all from one country Richland. And neglected victims becoming new traffickers.complicating lives in a civilized society. Face with the present human traffickers’ring operating under the platform of moral deficit, the imminent repeat of the Oedipus saga is not very far from Richland.

What is the goal?

The goal is first to raise awareness to all Nations that the silence to this evil is dangerous. I needed to take a positive step. Putting pen to paper to forewarn the possibility of Fejiro, a victim of human trafficking becoming a mother in law to her own mother.

How to achieve the goal?

The dilemma of Fejiro.

What message or what it would say to the new generations?

The important lesson is that youths should avoid rebellious  thoughts,lawlessness and acts of irresponsibility.They should be patriotic,respect laws and authorities in places.Lean on God’s morality in tough times as life can sometimes be scary at any age. They should channel their differences via appropriate institutions. I advise those in governments to reward patriotic acts, provide timely solutions to social ills, abject poverty, injustice, and corrupt practices going on worldwide via incorrigible men and women of avarice.

Any information on the book and how to get it?

The book Genre: Fiction, Tragedy

Characters: Jabari Dodo, Fejiro, Emeka, Kokoma , Ogbeburu, Shiola


I sincerely thank the author mr. Ochuko PatricK Otoba, with the hope of many successes.



Pubblicato da taniapizzamiglio

IPHM member, EBSA member, naturopath, holistic operator, HSE technician, education and social communication assistant, ed. mindfulness, op. international cooperation development projects, etc.


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