Each time you share what you’ve got – J. Rohn

“Each time you share what you’ve got, you get bigger. Learn to share. It’s a glorious experience.” – Jim Rohn “Ogni volta che condividi ciò che hai, diventi più grande. Impara a condividere. È un’esperienza gloriosa.” – Jim Rohn

We Are Taught To Compare — TheEnlightenedMind622

“Throughout life, from childhood, from school, until we die, we are taught to compare ourselves with another. Yet when I compare myself with another I am destroying myself. In an ordinary school, where there are a lot of boys, when one boy is compared with another who is very clever, who is the head of […]Continua a leggere “We Are Taught To Compare — TheEnlightenedMind622”

Siddharta — Astro Orientamenti

Quando siamo davvero noi stessi tante persone si allontanano Ma questo crea lo spazio necessario affinché le persone giuste possano arrivare Tratto dal libro “Siddhartha“ di Hermann Hesse edito nel 1922 Hermann Hesse nacque il 2 luglio 1877, nella Foresta Nera a Calw – Wurttemberg, Impero tedesco. Morì il 9 […] Siddharta — Astro Orientamenti

Gardens of Ninfa – Ruins (Part 1) — flaviavinci

Welcome to the paradise! I have already showed you some flowers from this place… But now I wanted to show how it looks like… A general overview on its medieval ruins that perfectly fit all this greenery. It’s a magical place, or at least this is the effect it made to me… Enjoy the first… GardensContinua a leggere “Gardens of Ninfa – Ruins (Part 1) — flaviavinci”