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“Last time, I talked with you about determination and regulation as helps to happiness. The 3rd quality which will assist you to be happy is Proportion. By proportion I mean a true perspective. Proportion ministers to happiness because it restrains us from the exaggeration of excitement. They who lack it are like newspapers which have […]Continua a leggere “Proportion — TheEnlightenedMind622”

LA TRATTA DEGLI SCHIAVI — I tesori di Amleta

Tra poco, le ONG saranno al completo: alle navi Mare Jonio, Ocean Viking e Sea Watch 3, si aggiungeranno la nuova Sea Watch 4 (finanziata dalla chiesa evangelica tedesca) e la Open Arms, e torneranno la Alan Kurdi e la Aita Mari. 7 navi traghetteranno clandestini in Italia, e sarà come tornare nel 2016 (181mila […]Continua a leggere “LA TRATTA DEGLI SCHIAVI — I tesori di Amleta”

Six most inspiring words for today July 6 — PeoPlaid

“Courage! Your faith has saved you.” – Matthew 9: 22 The passage above is the response of Jesus to a woman who said to herself, “If only I can touch his cloak, I shall be cured.” Here is the whole story taken from the gospel of Matthew 9:20-22. A woman suffering hemorrhages for twelve years… SixContinua a leggere “Six most inspiring words for today July 6 — PeoPlaid”

Immunità mediata da cellule T

Immunità mediata da cellule T articolo nel link allegato