#There are no ways to Heaven

Non ci sono vie per il Paradiso,il Paradiso o lo concretizzie realizzi quio non lo vivrai mai.Bando alle ciancee fa di questo mondoun Eden! by tania There are no ways to Heaven,Paradise or concretize itand realize hereor you’ll never experience it.No more chatterand makes of this worldan Eden! by tania


As one chapter ends, another one starts — Author Joanne Reed

As one chapter ends another one starts. Every day you write the story of your life. Your life is like a book, there is a beginning, a middle, an end and there are chapters that catapult you from one event to another. These past few weeks, or shall I say months have been very hectic… AsContinua a leggere “As one chapter ends, another one starts — Author Joanne Reed”