#CBD and CBG.The Dynamic Duo of Superfoods

WHAT ARE CANNABINOIDS?A cannabinoid is a large group of phytochemicals extracted from the cannabis plant. It has been identified to elicit a wide range of medical properties. At the time of writing this article, they have been successfully utilized as antioxidant, antidepressant and antimicrobial agents to mention but a few. This massive level of activityContinua a leggere “#CBD and CBG.The Dynamic Duo of Superfoods”

#Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition Technology

Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition Technology Harness the PowerDirectly to the Cells Our unique Aqauceutical Nano technology allows the CBD and other nutrients to penetrate the cellular membrane and deliver a bigger nutritional payload. Scientific studies show the smaller the particles, the more bio-available they are, the faster they can penetrate and be utilized by your cells.Continua a leggere “#Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition Technology”

#The Future of Nutrition is NOW

What is CBD Oil? You thought you knew what CBD oil is all about? Well we just took it to a whole new level. Yesssss the healing properties of CBD Hemp oil are tremendous and in so many ways. Powerful. We are about to “Change the way you See & Think about CBD Oil”. We areContinua a leggere “#The Future of Nutrition is NOW”

#More than machinery, we need humanity

La macchina dell’abbondanza ci ha dato povertà.La scienza ci ha trasformato in cinici,l’avidità ci ha resi duri e cattivi.Pensiamo troppo e sentiamo poco.Più che macchinari, ci serve umanità.Più che abilità, ci serve bontà e gentilezza.Charlie Chaplin The machine of abundance has given us poverty.Science has turned us into cynics,greed has made us hard and bad.WeContinua a leggere “#More than machinery, we need humanity”