L’aforisma del giorno – BERTRAND RUSSELL

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“È la preoccupazione per ciò che si possiede, più di ogni altra cosa, che impedisce agli uomini di vivere liberamente e nobilmente.” “It is the concern for what one possesses, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.” “C’est la préoccupation pour ce que l’on possède, plus que toute autre…

L’aforisma del giorno – CHARLES EVANS HUGHES

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“Gli uomini non si distruggono per l’eccessivo lavoro, ma per la preoccupazione e lo spreco.” “Men are not destroyed by overwork, but by worry and waste.” “Les hommes ne se détruisent pas pour le travail excessif, mais pour l’inquiétude et le gaspillage.” CHARLES EVANS HUGHES

Stay away from negative people: They have a problem for every solution

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Negativity does not have many positives to it. Sometimes negativity can be associated with skepticism which can be good to ensure a mote robust group decision-making process. However, let’s distingush between negativity and negative people. Negativity can either be a temporary or longheld state. Yet, negative people are forever in that…