#Perché/Why – Leiji Matsumoto

Harlock non riesce ancora a credere che la terribile avventura possa aver raggiunto il suo epilogo. Continua a chiedersi sgomento: “Perché abbiamo vinto?”. Ma non riesce a dare una risposta precisa a questo perché. Pensa alla sterminata flotta mazoniana, che a volta appariva immensa come una galassia; all’esercito di Raflesia, efficiente e preciso come un orologio, guidato con un ordinamento ferreo e spietato; al suo minuscolo esercito, composto da quaranta pirati dilettanti, uniti da una forma di fraternità e di umana reciproca abnegazione. Ecco, ecco il perché che Harlock non riusciva a trovare. La spiegazione dei fatti più complicati la si trova a volte nelle spiegazioni più semplici, come nella nostra storia.
Leiji Matsumoto

Fonte: https://le-citazioni.it/autori/leiji-matsumoto/

Harlock still can’t believe that the terrible adventure could have reached its epilogue. He continues to wonder in dismay: “Why did we win?”. But he fails to give a precise answer to this why. He thinks of the immense Mazonian fleet, which at times appeared as immense as a galaxy; to the army of Raflesia, efficient and precise as clockwork, led with an iron and ruthless order; to his tiny army, made up of forty amateur pirates, united by a form of fraternity and human mutual self-denial. Here, here’s the reason that Harlock couldn’t find. The explanation of the most complicated facts is sometimes found in the simplest explanations, as in our story.
Leiji Matsumoto

Source: https://le-citazioni.it/autori/leiji-matsumoto/


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    1. hi, thanks for the message. In the last century, man has delegated choices and decisions to a few who manage the government without any social project but for mere personal gain, so they have created precariousness in everything, and man seeks certainties in precariousness which, it goes without saying, they are in contradiction. Man has lost the true goal and meaning of life, and continues to delegate salvation to others when it is each of us who has to play his part. This weak and fluid social system is the mass for which my perennial struggles and battles for life have stalled and have been a borderline for years. Twilight has its charm depending on the perspective with which you look at it and the sense you give it

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