Quote: Asset managers must stop supporting companies that violate human rights

“Asset managers must stop supporting companies that violate human rights, commit genocide and ethnocide in our territories, disregard women’s rights, and affect our environment. All corporations that invest in fossil fuels must initiate a profound transition that protects life on this planet and our Amazon.” ed. Patricia Gualinga, a historic leader of the Kichwa peopleContinua a leggere “Quote: Asset managers must stop supporting companies that violate human rights”

Quote: Amazon

“On this day, I remember the struggle of indigenous women within their territories and the fight for our land. May we remain firm in the struggle and resistance for better days for all.” – Brazilian Congresswoman Joenia Wapichana “We hosted a historic delegation of congresswomen from Brazil last week to create a network of women workingContinua a leggere “Quote: Amazon”

“Fashion” fires and flames like Nero

Oh Nerone imperatore di Roma incendiario per riforme urbanistiche e Opere sfida ai tempi imponenti monumenti la tua Domus Aurea tornato incendiario bruci l’Amazzonia per avventate imprese monumenti accentratori di Monopoli tornato incendiario dell’Australia distrazioni d’oltre mare cancellando eredità delle antiche radici vive tra noi incendiario dell’Europa invecchiata e indebolita in apnea sepolta viva daiContinua a leggere ““Fashion” fires and flames like Nero”