quote: marginal biodiversity

articolo sulla biodiversità dei margini, un approccio differente alle risorse naturali, una prospettiva altra per rileggere il nostro ruolo nella biocomplessità ed ecologia del mondo. Allego articolo nel link article on marginal biodiversity, a different approach to natural resources, a different perspective to re-read our role in the biocomplexity and ecology of the world. IContinua a leggere “quote: marginal biodiversity”

power thinkers

Power Thinkers are empowered by problems.  They are “successed out” – not “stressed out” – by challenges.  They exercise positive reality thinking. Power Thinkers say and think to themselves the following: “I created these problems for myself” “I made decisions that caused me to be where I am today. That’s why I’m facing the challenge”.Continua a leggere “power thinkers”