#who did come first?

“Venne prima l’esperienza o il significato?”
ndr. Deng Ming Dao

“Did the experience or the meaning come first?”
ed. Deng Ming Dao

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IPHM member, EBSA member, naturopath, holistic operator, HSE technician, education and social communication assistant, ed. mindfulness, op. international cooperation development projects, etc.

2 pensieri riguardo “#who did come first?

    1. secondly, there are those who remain after giving space to the first. Perhaps there are no univocal answers but what a person decides to express in his heart and soul. Of course, a meaning is named in order to then experience it, just as experience also confers meaning on that signifier itself.
      It takes a content to experience it and then the experience somehow gives life to the content

      "Mi piace"


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