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Timeless fashion for every season (26 October 2019)

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There are fashions and fashions, passing fashions and fashions that return cyclically, or seasonal clothing.
A timeless blue-bronze style has been created to satisfy every need and dress for every situation. Blue-bronze brings the colors of the sky and the sunset, of the red earth and the deep sea. The colors of autumn lit up with life, the colors of summer enhanced by refinement such as sea salt make pristine beaches unique. Blue-bronze for starry nights and fashion events, for simple and precious moments at the same time. Blue-bronze to exalt femininity with character and determination, in statuity and plastic sweetness and beauty at the same time.
Essential, cheeky, youthful designs. Soft lines and no frills, where ancient and modern come together in a fresh and graceful way. Almost austere brio, daring transparencies or deep cuts, without wasting silky and purely natural fabrics.
All on dancing geometries between symmetries and asymmetries. Sharp or rounded cuts, long or short, narrow or wide, like the waves of the sea come and go from the beach and like the high sun spends projecting small shadows and setting low gives life to giant shadows.
Blu-bronze is designed for a cool morning in the name of practicality and sportiness with taste and style. Afternoons are tinged with blue-bronze to mark the times of work, yoga, shopping, free time, immersed in the book of life that resembles a libel of fairy tales. Blue-bronze illuminates the autumn nights like the changing colors of the foliage on sparse lawns or for the winter nights by candlelight that, like cinnamon, offer sensual and perfumed atmospheres of magic.
Blue-bronze for the prudent awakening of spring that makes the silences grown in winter bloom, exploding in bright colors that lead to the blue-bronze of summer, between fields that light up with mature breezes, and first fruits that will inaugurate the new autumn that arrives .
With blue-bronze the 4 seasons return and colors that have no time or end, colors that must never be missing and that do not know fleeting seasons but draw the eternal, for those who always want to be there, again, over and over again.
For those who live life to the full and its nuances, blue-bronze dresses you intensely moment by moment.
Dress up blue-bronze robes.
By tania Pizzamiglio




IMG_20190731_161717864  IMG_20190728_175733122  IMG_20190729_103809887  IMG_20190731_164837224  IMG_20190728_175744967

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